Arlie the Alligator

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Arlie the Alligator is a source of pure delight and immediacy of appeal to children, parents and teachers. All can share in the adventures of this warm and affectionate character who reaches out to embrace the reader and hugs the child in all of us. The book and CD are a MUST READ/LISTEN for everyone who cherishes children and who shares the best with them."  Joan Smutny, Director, The Center for Gifted, National-Louis University, Evanston, IL.

Unique! Creative! Educational! Enjoyable! All describe the delightful tale of "Arlie the Alligator," told in mini-musical style through story and song.

Arlie is a very curious, loveable, postive thinking alligator who wants to do what no other alligator has done before, communicate with the creatures (children) at the beach. Everything familiar becomes strange when told from an alligator's point-of-view. Children ages 2 to 9 enjoy thinking their way through this open-ended story while enhancing their creativity and their vocabulary.

  • Read, sing and follow along  in word-for-word format with Arlie
  • Four delightful, catchy tunes
  • Open-ended to enhance creative thinking
  • Communication theme
  • Enlarges vocabulary
  • Enhances reading, listen and creative thinking skills
  • Great for ALL ages when presented as a theatrical performance
  • CD fully produced with actors, sound effects and music
  • DVD follows book in a non-animated Reading Rainbow style

Story-book/CD/DVD: Great for Pre-K through 9 years of age
Great for ALL ages when used as a theatrical production.
See Arlie the Alligator Communication Activity Guide.

"Aside from the thoughtful story and the contagious music, Arlie the Alligator was a catalyst for some very interesting classroom discussions. What better way to address the issues of determination and indivigual differences than through this delightful work!"

"Arlie the Alligator lent itself very easily to a staged musical performance. We made the inviting beach scenery as a class art project and everyone loved the "Arlie hats." The songs practically taught themselves."  Laura Joss, Music Teacher, Drake Elementary School, Strongsville, OH

ISBN #1-880175-13-4  Story book (HB)
ISBN #1-880-175-15-0 CD

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