Being Gifted: Because You're Special From The Rest

Monday, August 3, 2009

Profound! Amazing! Delightful! Thought Provoking!

This collection of poems from gifted children ages 7-17 will astound you! Children learn what it means to be gifted through their own poetry. An EXCELLENT TOOL to turn all students, not just the gifted, onto poetry writing.

Through the poems, gifted children learn that they are not better, smarter or brighter than others. They learn that they have minds that work differently than the norm and that they are not alone.

"Sandra Warren's books help to provide useful and timely suggestions to help the gifted child reach his full potential. At this time when funding to gifted education is in jeopardy, these small books are gems tht may serve as a lifeline to those seeking answers." Janet Carlson, Ohioana Quarterly, Ohioana Library Association.

ISBN #0-89824-173-1
Royal Fireworks Press

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