Be Thankful for Helpful Rejection Letters!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can it really be that many months since I "finished" my novel? Finish is in quotes because we all know that a novel is never finished until the editor signs off and sends it to print. I thought I was until an agent said otherwise and kindly - no, that's not the word, bluntly is more like it - turned it down. But, lucky for me, within the body of that, "no thanks," were several clear, concise suggestions for a rewrite.

The rewrite has begun and as I re-read that detailed rejection letter, I can only think how grateful I am for agents who take the time to make constructive suggestions, even when they plan to say, "no."

Tell me about a rejection that movitated and helped you.


KarenG said...

My favorite rejection was a handwritten note on a form rejection postcard that said "Submit to us again." That one kept me going for a long time.

Mary said...

My favorite rejection came from a news director when I was applying for my first on-air TV job. I had applied for nearly a hundred jobs. He wrote simply.
"Have courage..."

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