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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This past weekend I was proud to announce the publication of SPIVEY'S WEB, a picture book with a Christmas twist at the end. More than a holiday book, Spivey's Web is about developing your talents against all odds and having the courage to forge a new path, because when you do, you just might be surprised with what wondrous things might result.  

 Writer's are like Spivey. They begin with a concept that's original and develop it until it's ready for production. Then, they go through the hoops to find the perfect publisher. And some end up self-publishing because they believe so strongly in what they've created despite rejection. They write because they have to write. And like Spivey, they won't be happy doing what everyone else is doing. 

Spivey's Web germinated in my brain about 15 years ago. It's been so long I'm not sure where the idea came from, but it was an idea that wouldn't let go. I wasn't sure if  it would ever get published until I met Susan Fitzgerald, a Fine artist by reputation, who had a dream of illustrating a children's book. 

I was reading a recent blog post written by author Marion Dane Bauer in which she talked about the illustrator of her new picture book, Winter Dance. What she had to say about the unique relationship between authors and illustrators couldn't have been said better. 

"The writer has to come up with the idea, and the idea is key, of course.  But without the artist’s bringing another whole world of ideas to the page, the story would be only half born."
                                                                               Marion Dane Bauer
                                                                   Just Thinking: Riding Piggy Back

Spivey's Web was half born until Susan Fitzgerald worked her magic bringing Spivey, her friend Marintha and all the other characters to life. I couldn't be more pleased!

Thank you Susan Fitzgerald and ALL ILLUSTRATORS everywhere! The work you do interpreting our words is an awesome task. We never know where your creative endeavors will take our story. You make it fun to be a writer! 

Spivey's Web is available on Amazon - just in time for Christmas! 
Buy it Now:

Sandra Warren is the author of Arlie the Alligator and other books for children and adults!



Unknown said...

You have me pegged. I am most satisfied when I am writing. This is a discovery I have made late in life which propels me to write as much and as often as I can. Little time left to waste. And like Spivey, I won't be happy doing what everyone else is doing. Your story is a winner touching all ages, and I congratulate you for sticking with your inspiration. Best wishes.

Cat Michaels said...

All the best with your new tale!

Cat Michaels said...
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Carol Baldwin said...

Very cool! Looking forward to meeting Spivey!

Sandra Warren said...

Thank you Georgia, Cat and Carol for your comments. You are all women who continue to spin webs of your own design.

Keep at it!


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