Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Throughout my journey as an author I've learned to accept the ups and downs of the profession. I know that everyone won't love my work or "get it," whatever the "it" is built into the particular story they've just read. I expected to get reviews and prayed they'd be good ones. I've come to realize that my readers, children especially, think it's pretty special to meet me. What I never expected were what I call, gifts of the heart, that I've been blessed to receive from my readers.

It all started years ago with my Arlie the Alligator: Story-Song Picture Book. Although designed for primary children, preschoolers caught on to the catchy tunes and insisted on playing the audio tape and then CD, over and over again. They loved to BELLOW with Arlie, much to their parents dismay. One three year old boy named Bryan, insisted that his mom buy Arlie's Mom, he called me that, an alligator necklace that he saw in a store. It was totally unexpected and I cherish it to this day.                   

  Other alligators followed. I've received  stuffed alligators, and wooden ones, puzzle alligators and ones made out of metal. Here are two more clever fellows that look just like Arlie. Inside their mouths sits a tiny bird. I named the bird, Odetta, and plan another Arlie adventure based on her. They were given to me by a friend who saw them in a jewelry display and had to buy them for me.  I wear them when I do school visits. 

Although my new book, Spivey's Web, is less than a year old, I've already received related gifts. One friend saw this cute mug and said she just had to get it for me. Another gifted me with this unique spider's web that I have hanging in my office window.

With my We Bought A WWII Bomber book, I've received several unique gifts. One, a ring made by a school boy in 1943 out of a part of the bomber from the story. After wearing it for a couple of years and fearing I would lose such a treasure, I donated it to the Patrick County Historical Society from the county where the bomber crashed. They will preserve and keep it safe museum. 

An exact replica of the B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber was also gifted to me complete with the correct tail numbers #229577 and the name given to the bomber by the students who raised the money to purchase it, The Spirit of South High, Grand Rapids, Michigan, painted on the fuselage. 

A real surprise gift came in the mail a few days ago from the caterer of the reception that followed the Dedication of the Wayside Historical Marker placed on The Blue Ridge Parkway, October 1st. For the reception, the caterer's husband made a B-17 bomber cookie cutter so she could make gingerbread bomber cookies. Two days ago a box arrived with a bomber cookie cutter inside. I am thrilled! What a wonderful surprise!  It arrived in time for me to make bomber cookies for the November 20th Book Launch of  She Started It All, the middle grade historical fiction version of the bomber story.

And last but not least, I can't forget to mention the wonderful cape made for me by the daughter of  one of the gentlemen from Meadows of Dan, Virginia, who came forward to show me the spot where the B-17 bomber, The Spirit of South High, crashed. He was an 11-year old boy at the time, heard the crash and went running to the site. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months ago and wasn't able to witness the dedication of the marker. Linda Fain surprised me with this beautiful fleece cape.   

All of these were SURPRISE GIFTS FROM THE HEARTS of my readers. Each and every one was totally unexpected. 

Have you received GIFTS FROM THE HEART? I'd like to hear about them. 



Kathleen said...

Oh Sandra, I love this! When you write from your heart like you did, I can see why you received gifts from their heart! And the alligators are so cute-those bomber cookie cutters are so cool!

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