If I Were A Table

Monday, August 3, 2009

"As an education consultant, it has been my pleasure to use and recommend Sandra Warren's books. The two titles that are consistent favorites are, If I Were A Road and If I Were A Table. There is always a need for quality literature that motivates children to think. The words and illustrations in both books combine to challenge young readers to think creatively about tow seemingly ordinary things, a road and a table. They stimulate questions and a sense of wonder. In today's classrooms, teachers must teach to state standards. The most important standards and the most difficult to teach deal with critical thinking. If I Were A Road and If I Were A Table are effective teaching tools that provide a starting point for developing better thinking habits in students while, at the same time, fulfilling several state standards. That makes both books very "Teacher Friendly." Of course, the kids who read the books would just say they are really different and fun!"                                             Nancy Johnson Farris, Educational Consultant, Marion, IL

If I Were A Table, is an open-ended story book designed to teach creative thinking. Read about four tables, each with a physical description, a job to do and a feeling about that job. Story models for the reader how to think like an inanimate object. Multiple activities follow the story.

Used in Classrooms K-6+ A classroom favorite for over 30 years!
Great resource for those homeschooled

ISBN #0-89824-177-4
Royal Fireworks Press rfwp.com

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