She's GONE! The spider that inspired me is gone!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The spider that inspired me is gone! Truly gone! Disappeared. Vanished. Poof! Was it serendipitous? Coincidence? Who can say? That little bug hung around long enough to get my manuscript moving in the right direction and as soon as I revised my spider story, that darn eight-legged arthropod just plain disappeared.

My critique group agrees that the changes made pointed my story in the right direction and with a few more edits, it will be ready to send out.

But here's another weird thing. Two days ago a web appeared across the stairway leading from one outside deck to another. It was suspended by four strands of silvery silk and in the middle was a perfect web the size and shape of a 45-record! (I'll assume you're all old enough to know what that looks like.) Does this mean I should pull out my saddle shoes, poodle skirt and pony tail scarf and start writing about the 50's?  I don't think so. But maybe.....

What inspires you? Anything as unusual as a spider?


Mason Canyon said...

Hi, I found your blog by way of Karen's BBQ. One never knows when that muse is going to appear and then slip quickly away.

Thoughts in Progress

DJ Kirkby said...

I often get inspired during my cycle ride to work along the foreshore. I came over here form Karen's BBQ. Nice to meet you and 'hi' Mason! *waves*

Ann Best said...

I AM old enough to know the size of a 45 record! And your post reminds me of an awesome web I saw about 20 years ago in Fishersville, Virginia (I now live in Harrisonburg, Virginia, not far from you evidently!). It was the most amazing web, at least three sizes larger than the 45 record.

Glad I met you. I love children's lit (and YA); I did when my children were young and do now with teenage grandchildren. I'm old enough now to write memoirs, my first being published soon with WiDo publishing where KarenG is an editor. I found you through her BBQ party, and am now a follower. I'll be back to see all that you've written and are currently working on.
Have a wonderful Sunday in beautiful North Carolina!

Gretchen said...

So your muse paid another visit! Sweet. Yes, drag out the saddle oxfords and walk in those shoes for a while and see what memories come up.

Nicole MacDonald said...

musice, storms, nature :) Sometimes friends or people that annoy me. Crazy dreams *grin* so many things make me think!

MT said...

I used to play 45's on my little record player. Good times.

It's nice to meet you. I'm over from KarenG's BBQ. Have a great week!

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