Arlie the Alligator Book Launch: After the Fact

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The October 5th, Book Launch of Arlie the Alligator is over and done. It is now time to reflect.

In the previous four blogs, I shared the extensive planning that went into the event, from the first mailings through consideration for all who might attend; children and adults. Make it-take it Activities were planned, books, not just Arlie the Alligator but all of the books I've authored, would be made available for purchase, and a continuous slide-show was planned to run while children and adults enjoyed the refreshments. Everything from Arlie stickers for the children, release forms for photos taken of children, and water bottles and Handi-wipes dressed up with Arlie the Alligator labels, was in place.

 Two yummy cakes arrived decorated with Arlie on the cover. One looked like a book! BALLOONS showed up to add a festive touch.

                                                                        All was ready!

Children arrived eager and excited. They made Alligator Hats with the help of a good friend and neighbor, Jean Honeycutt. Debbie Allmand, a critique partner, also helped. 

Thank you Jean & Debbie! 


The children had a GREAT TIME making hats and coloring Arlie the Alligator pages.

Even some adults played along!

At the appointed hour, an interactive reading of Arlie the Alligator took place. Children clapped and laughed and took great big gigundous breathes before BELLOWING as loud as they could.  

A legion of friends and neighbors arrived to add to the mix. 

Everything went as planned, EXCEPT...

I'd like to be able to spout large attendance numbers, show you lines snaked around the children's library and even WOW you with book sale totals, but I can't. All the planning, all the mailings, 50+ postcards and over 20+ letters to school librarians and school media persons, Pre-K, K, and First grade teachers in five schools, plus tons of publicity put forth by the awesome McDowell County Library Staff, brought in but a few. For the most part, attendees included friends and neighbors, writers from other writer's groups and families who happened into the library that day. 

Disappointed? Oh yeah, I'm disappointed. Did I do anything wrong? No. The entire event couldn't have been better organized. The support, help and encouragement from friends couldn't have been better, especially from my critique group. 

My Awesome Critique Partners!
Would I do anything differently? Not really. Well, maybe. I could have put an ad on local radio and television stations, hung flyers in grocery stores and stood on a corner with a sandwich board shouting, "Come meet Arlie!" 

Being a published author is like being on a roller coaster -- tremendous highs followed by the opposite. I've always said that to be a published writer you need to be super-sensitive to write a good story and tough-as-nails to get you through the rest. I've got the super-sensitive part down pat. I'm working on the tough-as-nails part.  

How about you? How have you mastered the tough-as-nails part?


Gretchen Griffith said...

You're right, Sandra, you couldn't have done anything more short of shouting from the rooftops. But those of us who did come were excited and delighted. The children so enjoyed themselves, I could see it in their expressions. Carolinas love Arlie.

Joan Y. Edwards said...

Dear Sandra,
This is a seed you've planted. It will grow.

I am very proud of you.

Linda A. said...

Congratulations on your book launch for Artie. Thanks for sharing your step-by-step planning for the event. Your creative energy shone. How wonderful of volunteers to help pull it off. I wish I could have been there.

Linda A. said...

ARLIE, I apologize for the spelling error.

Sandra Warren said...

Thanks Linda! I wish you could have been there also. Arlie would have loved seeing your HAT! He would have helped you make an Arlie one. :-)

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