Book Launch Countdown: Last Minute Details

Friday, October 4, 2013

One more day!

Things are getting tense. Boxes filled with books, CD's, plates, forks, water bottles and decorations, including stuffed alligators, are piled in my foyer. Set-up is later this afternoon. Tomorrow is the big day. Time to check the details once more.

I don't know what method you use for checking details but one that works for me is to put myself in every phase of the event.

Attending as a CHILD:
I'll start as a child coming to the library to see an Author. What should I expect? Will it be decorated? Will it look like a fun place to be? My big sign is there already announcing the event. Tomorrow morning, balloons will be added to make it really festive.

Arlie the Alligator takes place on a beach. There is sand, water, children, parents, and all things that one sees and takes to the beach. I've gathered many things for a display and have an idea how to use them but I won't decide for sure until I'm in the room.

Activity sheets and Arlie the Alligator Hat Pattern pieces are all cut out and ready. A stapler and a large bag of crayons are also packed.

The stickers and bookmarks are ready to go, also.

Attending as the BOOK SELLER:
My husband has graciously offered to take care of book sales.

For that job he'll need the following:
Books - Inventory sheet - Price List/s
Stand-up card with Price of Books on it (use a 4X6 Index Card)
Stand-up card that says: Checks or Cash Only (or Credit Cards)
Cash in a Cash Box - plenty of change
Receipt books
Bags for book purchases
Oh, but WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF BOOKS?  To prevent disappointment and a lost sale, I've created an Arlie the Alligator BOOK PLATE using Avery Labels #5264 (3.5" X 4").  That way the buyer can purchase the book after which I will autograph the Book Plate and mail the book to them postage free when the book comes in. The child will be a little bit disappointed but they'll still have my autograph to stick in the book when it arrives.

Attending as the AUTHOR: That's me!    
You might think that I'll enjoy all the attention. Let me assure you that my knees will be knocking under the table at all times.

Here are some things that I feel will make my job easier:
Pens - several. (I'll need ones that write on both paper & plastic because of the audio CD)
Post-it Notes or a pad of paper to write/spell out the name to go into the book.
Flash drive for the PowerPoint Presentation
Mints, so I don't offend anyone.
A Helper to initiate the correct spelling of names and keep me on-schedule.

Attending as the Photographer:
I've designated a friend to snap photos during the launch. Assuming that my photographer will get some really cute ones that I'll want to post on my website or other social media devices, I've created a simple RELEASE form granting "permission to post" that parents will have to sign before photos can be taken.

Enjoying the Refreshments:
The cake will be displayed in the middle of all the beach paraphernalia, much like a cake at a picnic. But to serve the cake we'll need:

Cake server/knife - I'll just use the cake server to avoid having a knife around
Handi-wipes - we created an Arlie the Alligator Label to dress it up.
Plastic Wrap to cover leftover cake

Helpers needed:
I've identified several places where I could use some help. Fortunately, several friends have offered.

Here's where I anticipate needing help:
With book sales
Kid's corner making Alligator Hats and coloring the Arlie paper
Serving the cake
Taking pictures
Keeping me on track

Whew! It looks like I'm ready. Obviously, I always THINK BIG! I'm counting on the "if you build it they will come," theory. Whatever happens, I've done everything I can think of to ensure a great day and a fun event for everyone.

I hope you can come! And, yes, if you can't make it, I'll post photos on my Author Page and do a blog about it, even if it's a bust.

To Celebrate my Book Launch, I'm giving away an autographed book & CD of Arlie the Alligator. Leave a comment before October 17th and I'll put your name into a hat for a chance to win.

I hope my Book Launch Journey was entertaining as well as helpful.



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