Monday, December 16, 2013

My husband, who has been involved in the computer industry for years, maintains that a computer is only as accurate as the person inputting the information. But I don't think it's that simple, at least not with all the different kinds of software we're exposed to and expected to master. The software developer's ability to convey instructions, step-by-step instructions, to help users of all levels of experience is also a key element. To further complicate things is vocabulary specific to each entity, new words created for the computer age.

Enter the writer. Me. Someone who just wants to finish that novel I've been working on for five years, and send off that picture book manuscript and redo that screenplay gathering dust in the manuscript box. Instead, I find myself splitting precious writing time with all these other entities I'm supposed to master; twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and this blog. With all the "how to's" rattling around in my brain, it stands to reason that something will come out on the short end of the stick. It seems my last blog did just that.

On December 10th, I posted a blog about mystery writer Ann Eisenstein, and offered a Contest to WIN an autograph copy of her new, hot off the press, middle-grade novel, Fallen Prey. The only problem is or was, my COMMENT LINK was not working.  So I'm extending the CONTEST DEADLINE to Friday, December 20th.

PLEASE try again. Here are two ways to enter:

1. Go to: and click on "An Intriguing Glimpse of Mystery Writer: Ann Eisenstein." Under the article you'll see the word COMMENT in Green. The word is a link that will allow you to share your feelings, ask a question or make a comment.


2. Scroll to the bottom of this post and add you comment and click on the green word, COMMENT. It will link you to the comment box.

Winner will be notified by email.


I love hearing from you. Please leave a COMMENT. Click on the GREEN word COMMENT at the end of this post. 

The little envelope will take you to an email screen. 


Gretchen Griffith said...

Thanks for extending the time, Sandra. I tried before, but couldn't log on, but you must have done something right because now I can. Ahhh, technology!
I have read Ann's first book, Hiding Carly, (wonderful read for adults and teens as well as middleschoolers) and now I look forward to book two. The title alone sets the stage, Fallen Prey.

Sandra Warren said...

Thanks for trying again and confirming that the comment link is working.

Sandra :-)

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