Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If you're like me, this whole social media thing has you befuddled. What to do? How to do? When to do? Oh, I could read all about it, but I'm such a "show me" person that I need more. Like a child waiting to cross the street, I need someone to hold my hand and show me the way.

Enter, FREE Webinars!

This past weekend alone I've spent several hours going over notes and taking FREE Webinars to help me sort it all out. Using A Facebook Profile to Build Platform by Lisa Hall-Wilson, was extremely helpful. Lisa taught the difference between a Profile and a Page and how important the Profile page is for marketing books and growing an audience. And here I was skimping on my Profile information thinking I shouldn't get too personal. How to Use Pinterest for Marketing, given by Melanie Duncan, stressed connecting Pinterest to Facebook to reach a wider audience. Marcy Kennedy presented, A Crash Course to Using Google+ to Build Your Author Platform. All three shared valuable tips to improve what I've been doing or not doing or should be doing with the social media I've signed onto.

All of these FREE Webinars came with handouts and a call to take more in-depth classes from the presenters. Still, the amount of information shared for FREE can set you and hopefully me, on the right course of action.

I've also paid for a private session from social media guru, Joanne Edwards. Her hour also came with an amazing amount of handouts. She did an excellent job personalizing her tutoring to my needs. Joanne, as well as every presenter I've heard, all stress the importance of finding the type of social media that calls to you. Find the one or ones that you think you can manage. Don't try to do it all, at least not at first.

Before I decide which social media avenue works best for me, I have to go back and fix the things I've done wrong with each of them. Then maybe, I can decide which one or ones -- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+ -- get my total attention.

I am extremely grateful that those in the know are willing to share their knowledge in online webinars.

How have you tackled the whole social media thing? What tips do you have for learning? What courses or webinars were helpful to you?


Joan Y. Edwards said...

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for mentioning me in your blog post. I hope the information I gave you during our workshop helped you clear up the maze about social media.

Sometimes the right social media for us is the one we enjoy reading and working with.

I wish you luck in finding the right niche for you.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

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